Clarifying Submission (586 words)

There is a huge amount of pain in the world right now. The West can no longer deny the realization of the lengths “certain people” will go to impose their ideology on others.

Do you think I’m enjoying this?

I come in peace

I’ve been getting hounded by half-wits since forever, constantly accused of being a “conspiracy theorist”. Given there are about 5 convergent very real conspiracies imminent upon us, I hope you all feel really really stupid now. I hope you are also keenly aware of the danger you have put us all in. Now the insane moronic morons in many schools want to outlaw “hate speech” without addressing the obvious hate speech coming out of religion and marxist doctrine. Dumb. Period.

We must not fear the Conspiracy of Entropy (attributing evil motives to natural increase in Entropy). It’s not so much “evil” as it is is the manifestation of all that we deny by espousing a sociocultural milieu that is essentially Marxist (duh duh duh duh denying reality). Don’t take it personally, people can’t really help themselves when they are slaves to ideology. Humans have a so-called lizard brain and it is hierarchical by nature. Marxism easily slots in when no better alternative is offered. Moreover, Christianity was proven incompatible with science but Western Science proved insufficient for spiritual liberation. People are naturally submissive so they will go with whatever proxy is available (as they are weak minded). This is why I my proxies can answer questions based on Quantum Matter (transcendental knowledge of physical laws and causality) and the Quantum Mind (a “first approximation” to how the ego works and how to understand neuroses).

By definition, the most difficult front to cross in the psychic war lies within our own mind.

I’m a little freaked out at the moment because Earth appears to be heading towards a state of maximal Entropy in a hideous Marxtrophy (Marxism + Atrophy). It will be beyond repair (and arguably already is) if allowed to continue.


Just Don’t

The morons espousing “critical theory” didn’t realize that the atheist or lapsed Catholic, although deeply masochistic (Jesus fetish) might eventually get their fill (as when perhaps the future of their very society is at risk). Violent backlash is a great fear of mine, but I am not so innocent as to presume my warnings can prevent it: that is not within my control. I sincerely hope the gluttons for punishment get their fill before the entire planet pays the price for their selfishness (looking at you apologists). Now isn’t the time to fall into the familiar trap of false equivalence. There is no point where submission to false ideology will ever suffice. You simply cannot assimilate to a black hole.

You can:

a) Accept that the ideology is false, and change your perspective accordingly (please be patient).


b) Desperately try to force assimilation to an ideology with the foundational backing of sand.

Consider: if the ideology had actual merit, it wouldn’t need ANYTHING to prop it up and in fact would have survived against all odds!


Submission is part of human nature: Time surrenders to the Entropy. We cannot blame a snake for being a snake my friends. Many people want to remove your choice to know the difference between a snake and a rope. Please submit only to the truth my friends.

Make the right choice while you still can.

Involuntary submission is slavery.
Voluntary submission (to the knowledge) is (a first step towards) freedom.




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