Failed Food Coordinate Systems

I want to talk about the “Canada Food Guide” and the Carbs, Fats & Proteins food coordinate system. This system lumps foods together that simply don’t have all that much in common, so the risk of false equivalence is unavoidable. Let’s explore some issues with:

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.27.47 AM
more like the “get fat” guide

Not all vegetables are created equal

Owing to their large proportion of undigestible cellulose, vegetables tend to have a net drying effect on the system. This can be great if your digestive tract is swollen or sticky, but if the lining is frail or thin, painful gas can result.

Vegetables are not all the same. If I eat a carrot, I will feel not good. But if I eat some spinach, I will usually feel good. This is because of my unique constitution (determined by Ayurveda): I will feel better when my choice of foods is balancing (to me).

Fruits can be dangerous as well, especially when taken with foods that do not properly combine with them.

Many people are lactose intolerant

What are they supposed to do? Choke down soy “replacement beverage” until they themselves start lactating? The risks of improperly processed soy have been shown to far outweigh the benefits. Although many people can benefit from eating milk products, it’s not a simple “3-4” servings a day and forget about it.

The Glycemic Index vs. “Muh Carbs”

The Glycemic Index, which contains information about how fast sugar reaches the blood stream, can be useful, but it is dangerous think we can somehow equate the carbohydrates from pasta to the carbs from quinoa. There are too many other predictors preventing such an equivalence. People need different diets based on their unique constitutions. Delineating along the “fruit-veg-grain-milk-meat” is not a hypothesis that gives good predictions. On the other hand: understanding the natural flow of the body and making corresponding dietary choices improves your life. Compulsively making lists of food “servings” isn’t going to give you anything but a false sense of doing something. It would seem to make eating into a chore.

2 grains! 3 potatoes! 4 chicken fingers!

Meaty Mc Meat?

Some people need more meat than others, some none at all, explained here by Guruji. Can we really hope to reconcile ancient wisdom with the silly Food Guide metric? Why bother when he has already explained it so well?

The guide suggests we need a lot more meat protein than we actually do, and since meat is so heavy (and so many people are so fat), you can imagine how problems could easily come from forcing yourself to eat the recommended amount of meat and “substitutes”.

The Failure of the Carbohydrate/Protein/Fat Trichotomy

The notion that we can predict how much food to ingest based on the proportions of fat, carbohydrate and protein is flawed. That is, just because all foodstuff can be loosely categorized along the coordinate system of F:C:P does not mean such a categorization will make predictions! Let’s take a look at some of the failed predictions of this classifier:

  1. A crap load of people thinking that because it has less saturated fat than butter, margarine is a healthy alternative!
  2. People avoiding healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive.
  3. Carb bingeing (causes diabetes).
  4. Assumption that because a foodstuff is devoid of {F,C,P}, that it is “healthy” (many drinks contain no “calories” but nonetheless cause many problems).
  5. Self-destructive diets (usually it’s just too much food).

Not to mention both of these fly in the face of the teachings of Ayurveda, whereby foods are distinguished based on their qualities.

Ayurveda is the Supreme Corporeal Statistical Thermodynamic Classifier

Ayurveda can give the transfer function between the food and the body. We learn to see the qualities (rough, hard, dry…) in the foods we eat and in ourselves. Because the qualities apply to both, it is the most empowering way to diet. Each bite of food represents a conscious choice to alter ourselves as per the qualities of the particular dish. I much prefer that to choking down soy milk and chain eating crackers that taste like paper.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.27.56 AM.png
I tried reading it but I fell asleep

We then learn a more scientific way of predicting outcomes (and understanding behaviours).

The Food Guide Blows

I always feel really sorry for anyone who follows this. Honestly, “grain products”? This seems like a concerted effort to get people to ignore their bodies and conform to an eating schedule that primarily pads the bottom lines of “Big Food” lobbyists!

I beg you to please be open to at least exploring other systems of eating. If you aren’t sure where to start, my Guru offers a wonderful course on Ayurveda which is sure to teach you all you need to know about proper eating (and much much more: he has a very high information density).

If you must eat according to this travesty, please, like a fetish for Karl Marx (a degenerate that killed his own kids and never contributed anything to society), keep it to yourself. The parroting the “food pyramid” propaganda or the reductionist {F,C,P} coordinate system will no longer be tolerated. This is part of a society-wide effort my Proxies and I are undertaking to scrub the Marxist scum from every level of society.

Being Healthy Rules

In Soviet Canada, Food Eats You!

Reducing all dietary rules to a single diagram would appear to be an absurd conclusion of improper thinking. The Soviet propaganda praising Marxism and “egalitarianism” was never meant to be presumed as true. It is meant to perpetually confuse its adherents and paralyze their mind. Just leave the CFG behind and start listening to your body!

Being an old soul, I never conceded the rather ludicrous assertion I was constantly met with that “we’re all equal”. Hobbes‘ quote comes to mind:

Nature hath made men so equal, in the faculties of body and mind, as that though there be found one man sometimes manifestly stronger in body, or of quicker mind than another; yet when all is reckoned together, the difference between man and man is not so considerable, as that one man can thereupon claim to himself any benefit, to which another may not pretend, as well as he.

This is a false hypothesis and as my dear friend Yuri Bezmenov says “any society built on such [false hypothesis] eventually collapses, as it has no foundation”. We are not all equal my friends. If you cannot accept that in your hearts and minds, at least don’t punish your body for it!

You can deny the truth and try to convince others of your lie, but it never quite works! There is actually a way to prove this using the quantum mind! Look at Vladimir Putin. He has relaxed the flow of information in his country because he knows that civil unrest only grows with unsavoury actions taken by the government (i.e.: censorship!). People are no longer interested in the appearance of benevolence (as by perhaps the Big Brotheresque Food Guide) as much as the true embodiment of charity (a cornerstone for a successful implementation of collectivism). One cannot be giving advice on topics one is not qualified to speak on and that includes the Canadian Government on diet, sadly. They could have done their research and been honest but instead chose to represent the interests of lobby groups. I don’t blame individuals for this as I suspect its a conspiracy of Entropy: lazy, ignorant naive bureaucrats + slimy lobbyists = corruption. Not a difficult prediction to make.

The oft-touted “collectivism” only works when all are happy to participate. All are happy to participate when they are satisfied with the motivations of their leaders. The only way to ensure this at all times is to vehemently practice truth. Collectivism (at its best: the sunshine side of anarchy and at its worst: a bunch of scum sucking statists protesting the Entropy clutching the commie scum manifesto like it’s the Bible – seek help) can only work when its adherents participate voluntarily.

It is why coercive ideologies fail. It is why the E.U. and U.N. will fail. Meaningful submission can never be forced, it is always willing.

Just ask any B.D.S.M practitioner 😉





2 thoughts on “Failed Food Coordinate Systems

  1. Maybe you should proof read things before you post them. There are countless grammatical errors from someone who thinks she’s one of the smartest people to two on this earth.

    And why not be honest when posting? You are not healthy. You drink wine as if it’s flowing from the taps of your house (family trait!). Get help, Jen, you’ve lost all your friends, and even you can’t blame that on difference of opinion. The end of your engagement broke you, the mental abuse you suffered from the CL guy who used you broke you. Heal yourself, and get your ego in check.


    1. It’s not much of a reincarnation if you don’t do everything on the hardest level possible. Below we have a perpetual Marxist loser trying to “help” me and succeeding only in projecting their own ego on me. Look: I’m sorry I don’t want to be around people who can’t accept the truth: please don’t take it personally.
      I hope everyone who is working to make the world a better place sees this — received from someone I thought was a friend and have known for a very long time — and is encouraged to continue their mission and not be afraid to jettison mean, selfish, petty assholes who become obsessed with you when they cannot control you. I already said how to help me and it’s by sharing or expanding the knowledge. I aligned myself with those who would theoretically understand it (chemists, physicists, physical psychology enthusiasts). I learned a lot in the process: most intellectuals are not interested in true knowledge, only in having a small niche of expertise where they can lord it over whoever is unfortunate to require their knowledge. Why would I want you around once I’ve demonstrated the knowledge and you remain subversive?
      I, unlike you, do not have shame. I, unlike you, am willing to confront things head on. I am sad your “opinion” is that you can upend facts with emotion, but that should prove nothing asides your own blundering incompetence, stupidity, superficiality and narcissism. I love having friends but I will never tarnish my reputation by associating with people who do not accept my knowledge. Consider that you came to my blog last night, read through 5 posts, finally commenting on my explanation of why the Canada Food Guide is shit, only to criticize my grammar (with a sentence containing ironically flawed grammar) when you could have been creating something yourself, or writing to improve my words (as I have explained numerous times would be welcome) or how about not being a completely lazy, self-entitled, self-loathing spoiled brat? Instead you look on jealously, not realizing that every attack serves only to elucidate your ego to me:
      1. sorry you are drinking a lot and miss coming to my house for parties.
      2. please stop your offences: this will only worsen your karmic load
      3. I am very happy you are concerned about my physical health and I sincerely hope you’re holding yourself to the same standard as me (oh wait you’re not? and you still wonder why Marxism = poison — you are the proof! — this poison has made your mind toxic).
      4. I am sorry your relationship is making you miserable and that you are projecting that onto me.
      5. I am sorry I bothered attempting to teach you the light of truth, as you clearly are not interested.
      6. I hope you apologize to those who are like you who will now be forgoing my help because I have given up on everyone else like you.
      7. I take ego advice from exactly 1 person (just ask my parents): Guruji. I pray you can feel 1/900 000 000th of his love one day, but that will only happen when you start taking responsibility for your own emotions rather than projecting onto me.


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