Stuff plus stuff equals stuff (286 words)

What happens when you make a nebulous ambiguous statement of your vaguely and nebulously articulated theory that didn’t really need to be well-articulated because a theory that makes predictions presented atop a steaming pile of garbage is still well worth wading over to…

I am super happy about the new results here. They show an asymmetry that supports my theory and disproves the Standard Model. Since I have already spoken many times on TRI, someone thought it might be ok to copy my summary of these results, but reddit hasn’t quite hit the curve yet… They are probably still trying to force themselves to accept the Crandard Model. Ironically my theories are easier to learn if you’re not indoctrinated with the Standard Model ideology… Ya.



It’s kind of funny in a lot of ways: TRI is the emperor’s new clothes. And I pantsed him.

“sorry” (I like Thermodynamics) (p.s.: I’m not sorry)

Anyway, now you get to see the birth of a “new bliggidy blorgush mc squorgush”. Yes I will be showing up in a cape. No, I won’t be caring about political correctness. Yes. No. Yes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.32.02 PM.pngDon’t I wish things had been different but it’s not beyond saving! “Needs to be” – Give me a break! It never “needed to be” anything!

Here’s the thing: when you don’t think properly, it’s really hard to “think outside the box”. We simply don’t learn well, and I want to improve scholastic curricula to more closely reflect the true knowledge. I’ve been contemplating this problem since I dropped out of General Relativity, so it’s been a while. My conclusion is a Universal formalism that excludes all singularities and makes all predictions.


Update 2016-07-09

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.46.17 PM

I am still trolling r/physics.



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