For the 10, 000, 000, 000th time, I’m not trying to save the f***ng world. (570 words)

I am getting very very tired of other people projecting their ego onto me and then blaming me for it. Really really tired of it. I’m not trying to save the f***ng world, I’m just sharing knowledge that has helped me. My goals are spiritual, not physical, but that doesn’t mean I cannot do work in the physical world, and this is where the confusion arises. Please note that although I will always address complaints formulated in a logical manner, I cannot and will not be made to grovel under false accusations of whatever inadequacy someone’s subconscious ego has decided to project onto me. N.B.: You don’t have to listen to my views. My work is for those that benefit from it and if you don’t like it: don’t read it.

It’s simple really.

I spent the first 30 years of my life learning, sharing and refining my knowledge. Once I reached some conclusions, I decided to write my book in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow by inspiring people to learn about subjects they wouldn’t otherwise have access to (quantum mechanics & psychology). Maybe it’s overly optimistic but I have a lot of faith in people: I believe they want to be happy. I furthermore believe they can improve by slowly and gradually learning to be comfortable with core truths about themselves and the universe. On the other hand, I also know that learning is best facilitated when its voluntary: I can’t force anyone to learn anything they aren’t ready to.

Those people impervious to or offended by my work: it’s not for you, just move on.

As it appears I must have a selfish goal or else hungry ghosts will just keep hounding me indefinitely, sure, I have a selfish goal: this lifetime has been really shit. I have been constantly persecuted for failing to “be like everyone else”. I am now rebelling against what I perceive to be a society-wide attempt to stifle excellence imposed by the insidious doublethink of Marxist ideology. It’s a selfish goal because I don’t want to have to recalculate everything I’ve worked so hard to demonstrate already. I would much prefer to have the knowledge live on so that I can be taught about quantum mechanics and (true) psychology in youth in future lives. Not that discovering the core physical truths of existence completely alone and under constant unfair marxist critical scrutiny wasn’t super fun, but I’d much prefer to have succeeded because of my great wonderful spiritual community, not in spite of a bunch of jealous subversive marxists (sorry, but your mediocrity & oppressive ideology is really stifling).

I want to have a community of like-minded intellectual empaths to support the people of today and tomorrow in their journey of self-realization. That won’t happen unless I build something permanent. Am I perfect? No. Are you? Unlikely. But I don’t see that as a good enough reason to censor myself, to stop my work or to stop building my community of mutual support.

I also know that a community does not get built by the work of one single person, no matter how inspired, so the fruition of my vision depends entirely on the cooperation I can entice from those who share my goal. This is why I am always open to new ideas and criticism, so long as they can be demonstrated to be in support of the original goal.





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