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I have never been so insulted as I have been when speaking to brainwashed automatons (“establishment”/virtue signalling types). I am very happy to report that I have researched and transcended a great many false personalities and can describe their pathologies in detail. How fun! I realized the reason I am repelled by them is that they have placed their emotions on par with my logic. In fact, they have elevated their emotions past my logic by defaming my logic with personal attacks and baseless criticism. I never got personal but now I am going to shred the validity of the alleged moral high ground these spoiled brats and their abhorrent acolytes occupy.

Ideological zombies are easy to spot. They are on edge, insecure & very eager to remind you what a good person they are. In short: moral tyrants. I realized that it’s not just moral tyrants (usually women) but also their subordinate enforcers (usually men). It’s somewhat funny to laugh at how silly it all has become, but if we don’t change our attitude, our wonderful society will be lost to evils unforeseen. I know most people feel the way I do and are quite tired of being bossed around by sociopaths who use words to control their (moral) superiors. They have placed us all in great danger, and the time has come to show them that logic >> emotion. We care about them (perhaps not as much as they would like to pretend they care about others, which as we can see now is really just used to justify their selfishness), but not enough to allow for their destruction to continue.

Desperate times, I guess.

You lose on the logic front and your feelings are hurt, so you feel victimized and expect an apology. It is not realistic to expect consideration for feelings when you disregard not only logic but also my feelings (presumably hurt by your arrogant ignorance). This is quite a flawed way to think: clearly you are wrong both:

a) to be offended by logic and somehow think that’s my problem
b) to not later admit you were wrong both to defy me and to have taken offence

This trend toward indulging the perpetually offended will only enslave you to them emotionally. You are probably reluctant to face this fact as it acknowledges the depth of your own self-imposed shackles. Without action, the path of greater Entropy is simply more oppression. You can never submit enough to satisfy a false ideology. If you give them an inch, they will screech for a mile: nothing is ever good enough: the perpetual SJW is never satiated. They cannot be happy because their self-worth is externally controlled.

I pray you will understand that this lifestyle is completely illogical, and that your thinking is corrupt. It is you who should consider why you ever thought you could place emotions in higher esteem than logic. This is certainly a flaw. Please don’t let it become a fatal one.

Do two wrongs make a right? Can you excuse your guilt with cultural suicide? Can you go to heaven when you die? Can you think your way out of a problem your thoughts created?

The answer is the same for all three: No. The reason is the same for all three: You cannot wish away the laws of cause and effect. They are as they are and nothing will ever change that. The only thing you can change is your opinion. If all you see are false dichotomies and have an inner pull to berate those that do not conform to your ideology, then I’m afraid you are perhaps: beyond repair.



Aliens are not Real (730 words)

Video here.

People are funny when they believe in aliens.

Let’s look at some physical consequences of Entropy to appreciate why aliens coming here from far away (in physical ships with physical bodies) are not consistent with the observed laws of reality.

Aliens? Seriously?

Why is it impossible? The main issue is how do the aliens get here? We know there may exist futuristic alien technologies superior to those known on Earth, but we also know that Entropy places strict limits on the mass to thrust ratio (a much larger vessel requires more energy to push it). Not to mention that traveling over large distances within a single lifetime is impeded by the effects of Special Relativity: as the velocity of the craft approaches the speed of light, its mass goes to infinity. Therefore the problem of distant space travel is dampened on two fronts: perpetually increasing Entropy and Special Relativity.

You’re not going anywhere

Gas fuel always becomes exhausted. Unless there is some way to manifest propulsion on your “magic” ship, you will always need new sources of fuel (by the Entropy). Even if there could be some Oxygen/Water recombination system on board, there would require an extensive ecosystem to recover any useful water, let alone any useful fuel! This set up is also precluded by our need of the Sun’s power to manifest Life on Earth. Note that the facile estimations based on unlimited fossil fuels fail as this phenomenon was a spontaneous process over many generations and cannot easily be duplicated. Even on the glorious and fertile Earth, the Biosphere project was a complete failure. What chances for a space mission to a distant galaxy !? (let alone finding a planet to colonize) 

Based on physical laws observed on Earth (for which dS > 0 ~ as I have demonstrated in my competing hypothesis for the Standard Model), humans leaving Earth to colonize elsewhere is precluded.

What about aliens coming here?


But I saw a thing that one time and it was swirling

First off, don’t you think we’d have some hard evidence if there were aliens coming to Earth in a swirling ship? The hypothesis that the “government is covering it up” is pretty silly. Look at the ineptitude of the 9/11 cover up… Do you really give them that much credit?

Our model suggests it is unwise to assume any one part of the atmosphere is 100% independent of any other part. Gases are nonlocalized: they smear across their volume (the atmosphere) until observed. Plasma is even higher energy vibrations! The atmosphere thus creates several layers of particular distortion of light in the atmosphere.

This is sure to create some interesting distortions of light emanating from objects in the atmosphere (like satellites, weather balloons and lights from planes). That’s not to say every U.F.O. sighting is caused by distortion of the atmospheric plasmon , but it does explain how otherwise innocuous phenomena could be distorted and look alien-ish. These plasmonic shapes may well have no parallels on Earth but that does not make them alien [to our biome].

But (if) the Universe is infinite, isn’t the probability of alien life also infinite?

This argument is an interesting one. At that point, it becomes a debate as to what “Life” is. If we take it to mean self-replicating molecules (and not simply stellar plasma), then very particular conditions are required. It is conceivable that such could manifest elsewhere in the Universe. It’s also possible that complex, self-aware life will never manifest anywhere but here. We do know that life as we know it can occur only in a narrow range of circumstances but we are not certain of the prevalence of such nor the exact range, per se. I attribute this largely to a lack of understanding of the causality of the Universe.

But there are lizards, David Icke said so

Siiiiiiiight. This is ironically true in some highly imaginative way. As much research has shown, “psychopathic” people tend to have different brain proportions than empathic/psychic/sensitive people and so can be considered to be more “lizard-like”, but past that, it’s simply flights of fancy!

Distant Space Travel is Impossible

It’s precluded by causality. There is no mechanism to preclude information being accessed from distant places (including the past, subject to dt => dS), but there are serious limits to space travel imposed by the Entropic increase of the displacement of mass.

thank you.


Clarifying Submission (586 words)

There is a huge amount of pain in the world right now. The West can no longer deny the realization of the lengths “certain people” will go to impose their ideology on others.

Do you think I’m enjoying this?

I come in peace

I’ve been getting hounded by half-wits since forever, constantly accused of being a “conspiracy theorist”. Given there are about 5 convergent very real conspiracies imminent upon us, I hope you all feel really really stupid now. I hope you are also keenly aware of the danger you have put us all in. Now the insane moronic morons in many schools want to outlaw “hate speech” without addressing the obvious hate speech coming out of religion and marxist doctrine. Dumb. Period.

We must not fear the Conspiracy of Entropy (attributing evil motives to natural increase in Entropy). It’s not so much “evil” as it is is the manifestation of all that we deny by espousing a sociocultural milieu that is essentially Marxist (duh duh duh duh denying reality). Don’t take it personally, people can’t really help themselves when they are slaves to ideology. Humans have a so-called lizard brain and it is hierarchical by nature. Marxism easily slots in when no better alternative is offered. Moreover, Christianity was proven incompatible with science but Western Science proved insufficient for spiritual liberation. People are naturally submissive so they will go with whatever proxy is available (as they are weak minded). This is why I my proxies can answer questions based on Quantum Matter (transcendental knowledge of physical laws and causality) and the Quantum Mind (a “first approximation” to how the ego works and how to understand neuroses).

By definition, the most difficult front to cross in the psychic war lies within our own mind.

I’m a little freaked out at the moment because Earth appears to be heading towards a state of maximal Entropy in a hideous Marxtrophy (Marxism + Atrophy). It will be beyond repair (and arguably already is) if allowed to continue.


Just Don’t

The morons espousing “critical theory” didn’t realize that the atheist or lapsed Catholic, although deeply masochistic (Jesus fetish) might eventually get their fill (as when perhaps the future of their very society is at risk). Violent backlash is a great fear of mine, but I am not so innocent as to presume my warnings can prevent it: that is not within my control. I sincerely hope the gluttons for punishment get their fill before the entire planet pays the price for their selfishness (looking at you apologists). Now isn’t the time to fall into the familiar trap of false equivalence. There is no point where submission to false ideology will ever suffice. You simply cannot assimilate to a black hole.

You can:

a) Accept that the ideology is false, and change your perspective accordingly (please be patient).


b) Desperately try to force assimilation to an ideology with the foundational backing of sand.

Consider: if the ideology had actual merit, it wouldn’t need ANYTHING to prop it up and in fact would have survived against all odds!


Submission is part of human nature: Time surrenders to the Entropy. We cannot blame a snake for being a snake my friends. Many people want to remove your choice to know the difference between a snake and a rope. Please submit only to the truth my friends.

Make the right choice while you still can.

Involuntary submission is slavery.
Voluntary submission (to the knowledge) is (a first step towards) freedom.



Failed Food Coordinate Systems (1354 words)

I want to talk about the “Canada Food Guide” and the Carbs, Fats & Proteins food coordinate system. This system lumps foods together that simply don’t have all that much in common, so the risk of false equivalence is unavoidable. Let’s explore some issues with:

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.27.47 AM
more like the “get fat” guide

Not all vegetables are created equal

Owing to their large proportion of undigestible cellulose, vegetables tend to have a net drying effect on the system. This can be great if your digestive tract is swollen or sticky, but if the lining is frail or thin, painful gas can result.

Vegetables are not all the same. If I eat a carrot, I will feel not good. But if I eat some spinach, I will usually feel good. This is because of my unique constitution (determined by Ayurveda): I will feel better when my choice of foods is balancing (to me).

Fruits can be dangerous as well, especially when taken with foods that do not properly combine with them.

Many people are lactose intolerant

What are they supposed to do? Choke down soy “replacement beverage” until they themselves start lactating? The risks of improperly processed soy have been shown to far outweigh the benefits. Although many people can benefit from eating milk products, it’s not a simple “3-4” servings a day and forget about it.

The Glycemic Index vs. “Muh Carbs”

The Glycemic Index, which contains information about how fast sugar reaches the blood stream, can be useful, but it is dangerous think we can somehow equate the carbohydrates from pasta to the carbs from quinoa. There are too many other predictors preventing such an equivalence. People need different diets based on their unique constitutions. Delineating along the “fruit-veg-grain-milk-meat” is not a hypothesis that gives good predictions. On the other hand: understanding the natural flow of the body and making corresponding dietary choices improves your life. Compulsively making lists of food “servings” isn’t going to give you anything but a false sense of doing something. It would seem to make eating into a chore.

2 grains! 3 potatoes! 4 chicken fingers!

Meaty Mc Meat?

Some people need more meat than others, some none at all, explained here by Guruji. Can we really hope to reconcile ancient wisdom with the silly Food Guide metric? Why bother when he has already explained it so well?

The guide suggests we need a lot more meat protein than we actually do, and since meat is so heavy (and so many people are so fat), you can imagine how problems could easily come from forcing yourself to eat the recommended amount of meat and “substitutes”.

The Failure of the Carbohydrate/Protein/Fat Trichotomy

The notion that we can predict how much food to ingest based on the proportions of fat, carbohydrate and protein is flawed. That is, just because all foodstuff can be loosely categorized along the coordinate system of F:C:P does not mean such a categorization will make predictions! Let’s take a look at some of the failed predictions of this classifier:

  1. A crap load of people thinking that because it has less saturated fat than butter, margarine is a healthy alternative!
  2. People avoiding healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive.
  3. Carb bingeing (causes diabetes).
  4. Assumption that because a foodstuff is devoid of {F,C,P}, that it is “healthy” (many drinks contain no “calories” but nonetheless cause many problems).
  5. Self-destructive diets (usually it’s just too much food).

Not to mention both of these fly in the face of the teachings of Ayurveda, whereby foods are distinguished based on their qualities.

Ayurveda is the Supreme Corporeal Statistical Thermodynamic Classifier

Ayurveda can give the transfer function between the food and the body. We learn to see the qualities (rough, hard, dry…) in the foods we eat and in ourselves. Because the qualities apply to both, it is the most empowering way to diet. Each bite of food represents a conscious choice to alter ourselves as per the qualities of the particular dish. I much prefer that to choking down soy milk and chain eating crackers that taste like paper.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.27.56 AM.png
I tried reading it but I fell asleep

We then learn a more scientific way of predicting outcomes (and understanding behaviours).

The Food Guide Blows

I always feel really sorry for anyone who follows this. Honestly, “grain products”? This seems like a concerted effort to get people to ignore their bodies and conform to an eating schedule that primarily pads the bottom lines of “Big Food” lobbyists!

I beg you to please be open to at least exploring other systems of eating. If you aren’t sure where to start, my Guru offers a wonderful course on Ayurveda which is sure to teach you all you need to know about proper eating (and much much more: he has a very high information density).

If you must eat according to this travesty, please, like a fetish for Karl Marx (a degenerate that killed his own kids and never contributed anything to society), keep it to yourself. The parroting the “food pyramid” propaganda or the reductionist {F,C,P} coordinate system will no longer be tolerated. This is part of a society-wide effort my Proxies and I are undertaking to scrub the Marxist scum from every level of society.

Being Healthy Rules

In Soviet Canada, Food Eats You!

Reducing all dietary rules to a single diagram would appear to be an absurd conclusion of improper thinking. The Soviet propaganda praising Marxism and “egalitarianism” was never meant to be presumed as true. It is meant to perpetually confuse its adherents and paralyze their mind. Just leave the CFG behind and start listening to your body!

Being an old soul, I never conceded the rather ludicrous assertion I was constantly met with that “we’re all equal”. Hobbes‘ quote comes to mind:

Nature hath made men so equal, in the faculties of body and mind, as that though there be found one man sometimes manifestly stronger in body, or of quicker mind than another; yet when all is reckoned together, the difference between man and man is not so considerable, as that one man can thereupon claim to himself any benefit, to which another may not pretend, as well as he.

This is a false hypothesis and as my dear friend Yuri Bezmenov says “any society built on such [false hypothesis] eventually collapses, as it has no foundation”. We are not all equal my friends. If you cannot accept that in your hearts and minds, at least don’t punish your body for it!

You can deny the truth and try to convince others of your lie, but it never quite works! There is actually a way to prove this using the quantum mind! Look at Vladimir Putin. He has relaxed the flow of information in his country because he knows that civil unrest only grows with unsavoury actions taken by the government (i.e.: censorship!). People are no longer interested in the appearance of benevolence (as by perhaps the Big Brotheresque Food Guide) as much as the true embodiment of charity (a cornerstone for a successful implementation of collectivism). One cannot be giving advice on topics one is not qualified to speak on and that includes the Canadian Government on diet, sadly. They could have done their research and been honest but instead chose to represent the interests of lobby groups. I don’t blame individuals for this as I suspect its a conspiracy of Entropy: lazy, ignorant naive bureaucrats + slimy lobbyists = corruption. Not a difficult prediction to make.

The oft-touted “collectivism” only works when all are happy to participate. All are happy to participate when they are satisfied with the motivations of their leaders. The only way to ensure this at all times is to vehemently practice truth. Collectivism (at its best: the sunshine side of anarchy and at its worst: a bunch of scum sucking statists protesting the Entropy clutching the commie scum manifesto like it’s the Bible – seek help) can only work when its adherents participate voluntarily.

It is why coercive ideologies fail. It is why the E.U. and U.N. will fail. Meaningful submission can never be forced, it is always willing.

Just ask any B.D.S.M practitioner 😉




Stuff plus stuff equals stuff (286 words)

What happens when you make a nebulous ambiguous statement of your vaguely and nebulously articulated theory that didn’t really need to be well-articulated because a theory that makes predictions presented atop a steaming pile of garbage is still well worth wading over to…

I am super happy about the new results here. They show an asymmetry that supports my theory and disproves the Standard Model. Since I have already spoken many times on TRI, someone thought it might be ok to copy my summary of these results, but reddit hasn’t quite hit the curve yet… They are probably still trying to force themselves to accept the Crandard Model. Ironically my theories are easier to learn if you’re not indoctrinated with the Standard Model ideology… Ya.



It’s kind of funny in a lot of ways: TRI is the emperor’s new clothes. And I pantsed him.

“sorry” (I like Thermodynamics) (p.s.: I’m not sorry)

Anyway, now you get to see the birth of a “new bliggidy blorgush mc squorgush”. Yes I will be showing up in a cape. No, I won’t be caring about political correctness. Yes. No. Yes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.32.02 PM.pngDon’t I wish things had been different but it’s not beyond saving! “Needs to be” – Give me a break! It never “needed to be” anything!

Here’s the thing: when you don’t think properly, it’s really hard to “think outside the box”. We simply don’t learn well, and I want to improve scholastic curricula to more closely reflect the true knowledge. I’ve been contemplating this problem since I dropped out of General Relativity, so it’s been a while. My conclusion is a Universal formalism that excludes all singularities and makes all predictions.


Update 2016-07-09

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.46.17 PM

I am still trolling r/physics.


For the 10, 000, 000, 000th time, I’m not trying to save the f***ng world. (570 words)

I am getting very very tired of other people projecting their ego onto me and then blaming me for it. Really really tired of it. I’m not trying to save the f***ng world, I’m just sharing knowledge that has helped me. My goals are spiritual, not physical, but that doesn’t mean I cannot do work in the physical world, and this is where the confusion arises. Please note that although I will always address complaints formulated in a logical manner, I cannot and will not be made to grovel under false accusations of whatever inadequacy someone’s subconscious ego has decided to project onto me. N.B.: You don’t have to listen to my views. My work is for those that benefit from it and if you don’t like it: don’t read it.

It’s simple really.

I spent the first 30 years of my life learning, sharing and refining my knowledge. Once I reached some conclusions, I decided to write my book in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow by inspiring people to learn about subjects they wouldn’t otherwise have access to (quantum mechanics & psychology). Maybe it’s overly optimistic but I have a lot of faith in people: I believe they want to be happy. I furthermore believe they can improve by slowly and gradually learning to be comfortable with core truths about themselves and the universe. On the other hand, I also know that learning is best facilitated when its voluntary: I can’t force anyone to learn anything they aren’t ready to.

Those people impervious to or offended by my work: it’s not for you, just move on.

As it appears I must have a selfish goal or else hungry ghosts will just keep hounding me indefinitely, sure, I have a selfish goal: this lifetime has been really shit. I have been constantly persecuted for failing to “be like everyone else”. I am now rebelling against what I perceive to be a society-wide attempt to stifle excellence imposed by the insidious doublethink of Marxist ideology. It’s a selfish goal because I don’t want to have to recalculate everything I’ve worked so hard to demonstrate already. I would much prefer to have the knowledge live on so that I can be taught about quantum mechanics and (true) psychology in youth in future lives. Not that discovering the core physical truths of existence completely alone and under constant unfair marxist critical scrutiny wasn’t super fun, but I’d much prefer to have succeeded because of my great wonderful spiritual community, not in spite of a bunch of jealous subversive marxists (sorry, but your mediocrity & oppressive ideology is really stifling).

I want to have a community of like-minded intellectual empaths to support the people of today and tomorrow in their journey of self-realization. That won’t happen unless I build something permanent. Am I perfect? No. Are you? Unlikely. But I don’t see that as a good enough reason to censor myself, to stop my work or to stop building my community of mutual support.

I also know that a community does not get built by the work of one single person, no matter how inspired, so the fruition of my vision depends entirely on the cooperation I can entice from those who share my goal. This is why I am always open to new ideas and criticism, so long as they can be demonstrated to be in support of the original goal.