Defeating Leftist Fascists (1513 words)

How can I stop the social persecution I get from loopy lefties?

I am going to show you how to answer leftist ideological bullies. The good news is that for most of these people, their ideas are so shitty that they have to use all types of coercion to propagate them. It’s not so much a matter of going after their beliefs, upon which their ego’s precept of “I’m a good person” grow (thus letting them go could cause a cataclysmic meltdown). We also run into the problem of most of them being incapable of basic logic.

We must assume a different demeanour if we are to stop the perpetual cycle of exploitation. The first step is to realize that the “left” and “right” tend to use radically different strategies to target voters. The former uses emotional pleas while the latter uses logic-based arguments. While the left seeks to perpetually downplay the importance of logic (first step towards their downfall), the right fails to understand the power of emotionally driven arguments (although this is starting to change).

As regards the compassionate treatment of abusers, remember, these people are ideological slaves: imagine your perception of yourself as “good” or “moral” rested on how many people you converted to your ideology? It’s just relentless for the outgroup!

I am going to give you some ways to come back on these people and expose them for the hypocrites they are.


  1. How exactly am I a racist?
  2. Don’t you think that’s a strong word?
  3. Do you have any non-white friends? (the f***g funniest)
  4. By making false accusations, you are hurting both my reputation and your own.
  5. By making false accusations of racism, you are trivializing the real oppression of racial minorities at the hands of real tyrants.


This one is harder. There are two options:

Proactive: Men calling out women for being sexist when women place unfair expectations on men (i.e.: projections of their femininity). This will cause the word to lose power as women will now self-censor vexatious accusations for fear being called out on the double standard.


  1. What has feminism provided the world in the last 10 years?
  2. Did you know feminism has been co-opted by fascists (Marxists)?
  3. Did you know the patriarchy theory has been debunked as destructive of society?

I know that for men (the majority recipients of this label), neither of these approaches are very appealing. But I know you’re probably miserable swimming in a sea of beta cucks and miserable c***s, so I am showing you a lifeline. Yes, the women will love you for it, and you will attract higher quality females. Yes, you are smart enough to learn this. Yes, you deserve to assert yourself and preserve your mental health. This is more nonviolent than doing nothing: that makes you tacitly complicit to self-indulgence of half-wits!

Yes, you might have to change your views on people but trust me, it’s way way better not to be shackled under the looming threat of being denounced for not conforming to oppression!


  1. What does that mean?
  2. Are you afraid of dying?
  3. Are you afraid of persecution?
  4. Are you an anti-Semite?
  5. Are you trying to bully me into not being afraid?
  6. You cannot be “racist” against an ideology.
  7. Are you trying to destroy Western society?
  8. You are brainwashed by the media: a front group to destabilize countries and usher in global totalitarianism (by any means necessary) and now you are persecuting someone who loves the truth.

Conspiracy Theorist

This is perhaps the most ARG-ish of annoyances. I mean really. I always think people are SO stupid when they call me this. ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS HAPPENS BY CONSPIRACY.

Do you think things happen by accident? No, they happen because people come together and plan for them to. That’s a conspiracy. Duh. The CIA made a psyop to discredit legitimate journalists reporting on real issues by calling them “conspiracy theorists”. All of this information is in the public domain!

Alex Jones is perhaps the greatest example of a hero who has survived this ridiculous defamatory label. I think that’s because he actually does mix fantasy with reality (has his own conspiracy theories which mesh in with the news, sometimes in a way that blurs the line between fantasy and reality). His views on AI and mine do not coincide but in the material world, he seeks to report the truth. Watching his show makes it clear the mainstream media wants you to believe a lie. This is not recommended as it causes cognitive dissonance and that’s tiring. More tiring than eating turkey laced with sleeping pills.

  1. Do you know in saying that, you are demonstrating that you are brainwashed by a conspiracy to discredit journalists?
  2. Everything that happens happens by conspiracy.
  3. Why are you denying the truth?
  4. I’m a Gay Universal Gaylord: I have a fetish for truth and a hard limit for harmful ideology. You’re an ideological slave brainwashed by a 50 year old garbage CIA psyop.

I know you don’t want to hurt them and neither do I, but do you want to continue torturing yourself this way? Don’t think of it as being mean, think of it as loving yourself. The bullies always forget:

You cannot truly love others without also loving yourself

People who ostracize others to maintain the illusion of moral superiority do not love themselves.

Ask anyone I know if I’ve ever been politically correct.

I know, you might actually have to do something to save Western society from colluding extremists approaching from all sides. Is not being a bitch to PC scarier than the alternative? If you said: yes, then you deserve to lose your culture.

Regarding the politically correct brigade: you don’t realize how many people are fence sitters on this one and I am going to move as many of them into my (being nice but censorship via PC = go f**k yourself) camp as I possibly can before I am sent to an internment camp to be either reeducated, raped or reincarnated (or a linear combination of those three basis vectors). The world as it exists today is just too stifling that frankly I would rather die on the periphery of it than bathe in the waters of such superficial self-indulgence.

Those of us who are spiritual and wish to protect ourselves, we can use their superficiality against them. The important things to remember when approaching ideological slaves is this: they automatically see you as “the bad guy”. This is because their morality is predicated on ingroup/outgroup preference necessitating submission to false ideology. I also have a strong ingroup/outgroup preference: I prefer people who aren’t ideological zealots. I don’t go around cursing the false religions of the world but I will not tolerate them being imposed on me: minimal harm, maximal righteousness.

Remember: if you can tolerate my horrible personality, you’re probably at the moral crest of Western culture. I am reaching out to those who want a means to assert themselves without being mean to themselves. Trust me, it’s WAY meaner to enable their stupidity by your silence. It will just bankrupt society. My approach is designed to weed out any moral or intellectual subversives and a 100% rejection of political correctness scares away all but the most genuine. You, the reader, understand political correctness is the vicegrip around your neck and feel it more intensely than others. They only care about “appearing moral”; this is not morality. These people are frauds. We must launch an education campaign to reign in these brainwashed Marxist leftists before they cause any more damage to society.

Sadly, this will likely mean confronting university staff head on after finding out who are the worst “ideological bullies”. Everywhere has them. Moreover, everyone in the department would likely “give them up” as no one likes a bully, much less a bully with tenure. They rely on secrecy to operate (thinking they are “gaming” the system – how I loathe them) and feed on the silence of the righteous. Let’s starve them.

It’s not mean to expose these people. You’re doing them and society a favour as they are too stupid to realize it themselves. Think about how much better things got when I called out the Social Justice Warriors. Now they are exposed: we can further tunnel to the core flaw of their ideology and cut out the cancer at the root (hint: Marxism)… Just think: why the hell are we so obsessed with some gross fat loser guy who never had a job and was a total leech? Is that saying something about his staunchest adherents?

Still not convinced?

If you want the modern apex of the failure of political correctness, check out our inability to vet Syrian refugees caused directly by UN tyranny. If you are so stupid as to not think this will have the exact same consequence as has transpired everywhere else in the world, you are a fool and you should censor yourself on that basis alone.

Please feel free to send me more words you want me to weaponize for you.



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