Misunderstanding Slavery (2172 words)

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n.b.: I will debate any reproach on these points but if you give me labels without justification: I’m rubber you’re glue. Whatever you say: bounces off me and sticks to you. Checkmate.

My Irish Ancestors Were Slaves

I will NEVER endorse slavery. If others choose to willingly become slaves, I can’t stop that. However, I will never support anything that enslaves people, and you shouldn’t either. I enjoy the freedom of expression to state my position, and personal attacks on me reveal only the bigotry operating in the minds of many today. Pretty much anything anyone says about me is true 100% about them. I have thus given you the means to create a world which is psychically bearable. If you can learn to master the art of addressing the subconscious attachment inherent to all interactions, you can save yourself a lot of pain as regards interacting with other people.

When I see people confined to perpetual mental slavery via ideology, I see them as VICTIMS. If we don’t, we will never understand what is going on in the world today. I have to speak out because I am being both racially and ideologically persecuted by “apologists” who wish me to be party to their self-deception. It’s not up to me to reflect your existentialist illusions!

I reflected the cognitive illusions of others until I was 30 (it is my tradition to uphold nonviolence), but then I stopped (guess why?). I am in the service of greater humanity now: I wish to help the TRUE victims (that the mainstream narrative does not want to acknowledge, as it discredits their psyop), rather than moral posturing and grandstanding.

What is Ideology?

Ideology is a set of ideals people wish to emulate.

We live in a world where most of us are slaves to ideology. Whether ideology be religious, political, social, financial or other, these mold the individual subjective conscious (Ψ – Psy). The physical conscious apparatus in turn projects Ψ.

Even those claiming to be liberated from all clutches of false belief must still act to validate the ego’s existence hypothesis (a primary survival instinct). Ideologies serve to give meaning to our shared illusions. Let’s take a look at the dichotomy between actual and perceived reality.

Reality: We are an aggressive, water-based, Moon-powered, invasive parasitic lizardish ape-y mutant inhabiting a rock spinning around the Sun.

Perception: All sense experiences are derived from interference of a subset of the sensory quantum mind with coherent information sampled from said aggressive rock & its living inhabitants.

In the study of true religion, we learn that the ego is false (impermanent) and thus is an idol of some sort: it has meaning only because we believe it does (partially survival (hard-wired) and partially social (fluid)) and thus we are in its service (slaves to ideology) for both physical and social survival.

Reality vs. False Ideology

We are at a dangerous time in history: ideological illusions held by particular groups are colliding head on with each other. Unholy alliances are being made. Cognitive dissonance is at a fever pitch. Everyone is attacking everyone.

To me, this is like two people arguing over whether a carrot is a dildo or a dinosaur. You’re both wrong, and you’re going to get hurt espousing either hypothesis! The fact that I point this out does not make it “hate speech” (moron). It means you are in denial and exposes that you are willing to sacrifice me on the altar of your false ideology! It’s not the first time it’s been tried on me and over time I just said: fuck it, and decided to expose hypocrisy wherever I see it. Yes, I am selfish: I don’t want to reincarnate into a world even more superficial, bully-ish and stupid as this one.

When ideology divorces radically from reality, it is dangerous.

The good news is that an “Ideological” or Psychic War is fought largely within one’s own mind, so we have more control over it. The main challenge for most people is that beliefs about personal morality are tied to ideology. That’s not truth, that is false equivalence.

How good of a person you are depends on your actions and attitude and not much else. You cannot delegate morality to any person or idol.

I abandoned Catholicism when I was 16, I’m not coming back

Let’s take a look at an example from a brainwashed death cult (Catholic) ideologue psychopathically trying to convert me: (I have told her numerous times that the religion subliminally motivates conformity with fear of Hell and this is incompatible with the bliss of love).

1. You might want to check out this lady ‘s testimony (many share similar stories to her about eventual decline of health and deception of yoga (it is really a yoke of demonic hindu gods) and the outcomes.
2. I love JESUS not because of the fear of hell but primarily for who He is and what He has done for us(died for us, redeemed and saved us). And His personal love for each of us through His Holy Spirit which He gives to us for the asking……
3. Prayerfully seek, evaluate and consider and ask GOD to reveal to you the truth of who God is and His plan for your life………..If we sincerely seek we shall find ,ask and it shall be given ,knock and the door will be opened to us….(Scripture).I just want you to be aware of what i sincerely believe to be truth….Peace to you sweet Jenn….XO

Part 1: Hinduism is… is duh devil! This type of self-aggrandized fearmongering is truly pathetic. It shows that the ideology is so psychopathic that she is willing to trivialize every single person alive prior to the Abrahamic religions and also anyone who doesn’t agree to be Jesus’ bitch. All for what? All to believe that you can attain “Heaven” in one lifetime. How truly sad. I don’t need to tell you that I wish I didn’t have to deliver the news this way, but your souls are in danger.

Part 2: I challenge that anyone proselytizing a death cult is a selfish miser interested only in reinforcing their delusion of achieving “heaven” and willing to abuse/persecute ANYONE who does not consent to this psychological enslavement. Sadder still is that such are also willing to collude based on mutual reinforcement of said beliefs.

Part 3: “In what I sincerely believe to be the truth”… Well, your denial of reality in exchange for “belief in truth” is costing millions of lives and also my sanity: bigot!

It’s not my responsibility to reflect your illusions.

If You Can’t Tell I’m Trying to Help You, Go Away

It is hard to imagine how those reincarnated in false religions over multiple lifetimes (expecting “heaven” upon reincarnation yet receiving only rebirth into a death cult, then wishing for “heaven” again upon subsequent death ad infinitum) can be freed from these cycles but I believe it’s possible (call me overly optimistic!).

I work to not place unrealistic expectations onto others as I know this is not compassionate. Your denial of reality is not something you can impose on me. I was already a slave in a past life: I don’t want to go back to that. I wish to engender maximal compassion towards all of mankind. That compassion does not mean I can willfully ignore others’ mental state, and in failing to do so, I am failing my culture, my planet and also my future.

You All Basically Sound Identical to Me

I am really tired of everyone arguing about which ideological slavemaster is superior. Until we adopt the attitude that we must resist all ideological enslavement, the world will continue to exacerbate.

We have no choice but to all examine ourselves and our pre-existing attachments. Why should the media and politicians tell the truth? Why should I lie? There is no reason for the latter and every reason for the former and yet I am bullied without end by those who wish to brainwash themselves into the official narrative. How’s the slippery slope into fascism going?

How to Win the Psychic War

Who knows why anyone would want to enslave the world with political correctness? I have to say, I am very very disappointed in how much of a sheep everyone was to enable this. Reddit. Twitter. Facebook. You are being severely disgusting. Do you even know how this works? Who is an enabler today is a traitor tomorrow: read and learn history to see that or fail at your own risk! Morality is circumstantial! I do not bow to tyrants!

Those claiming the moral high ground while their ignorance enables fascists are warned to take a long hard look at core hypotheses of ego and ask yourself: what kind of a world do I want to be reincarnated into? Because one thing’s for sure, you’re not going anywhere, no matter how much you try and wish it away with science, grovel at the feet of an imaginary creator (I don’t care what you believe in private just keep it away from me and the law!), or try to drink your ego away but these all fail.

Cause and effect can never be denied!

In order to protect ourselves from false ideology, we must have only unassailable concepts as tacit assumptions and none other, especially given the incidence of psychological enslavement observed today. This is why I transcended the Periodic Table & Quantum Mass. This is why I formulated a Quantum Mind Hypothesis so that the West can understand it. I am trying to free you from your socially imposed shackles as well as give you new information based on truth.

Sadly, you cannot free a slave who does not believe themselves a slave. I write these words to inspire anyone open to starting on the (long) path of mental liberation, I don’t care about anything but freedom from false ideology and I have found a true Yogi Guru: the most precious and rarest of treasures. He inspired me even more than I was before! I believe everyone should be free to do anything that does not conflict with the civil liberties of others, I see that is threatened, I am speaking up to educate people. Feelings and reactions are personal and should not factor into morals nor science. I have attempted to demonstrate the shortcomings of both systems to improve everything. Why not improve everything possible? Can we have a renaissance where it centres on the female energy as a means to empower everyone?

All I care about is having extremely dorky conversations about Quantum Mechanics, Science and all things Spiritual. For this reason, I have started my writing to enable the world of tomorrow to be better than today both for knowledge and stewardship.

Please help me.

Would you stop a rape happening in a street?

No you wouldn’t, coward. Statistically, most people are sheep and that’s a fact: they won’t act to stop a rape (they might take a selfie with it, if we continue our current trend of moral degeneracy) or any other act of violence they bear witness to. This isn’t a criticism, it’s a fact. And policy decisions ought to be fact-based, not “muh muh muh feelings”.

We must make decisions about Zeitgeist as a culture and that is very difficult when both politicians and the media refuse to be honest. I am sorry you believe the official narrative but: I am telling you right now that I do not, cannot and will not be made to do doublethink as regards any false ideology. This is what has turned many people into complete driveling morons who can’t even make a single coherent argument to defend their position.

Those who wish not to be destroyed by fascism are advised to start changing their minds, the future shall judge you by how soon you came to your senses in a positive way. If that moment comes too late, you won’t have a future at all. Those screaming that they are “on the right side of history” today are lying liars and I believe they will be perceived as brainwashed ideological victims: half wits who gleefully walked into a dystopian nightmare of global proportions.

Please come to your senses and at least acknowledge that reincarnation is unfalsifiable. Then consider what kind of world you are leaving behind for YOURSELF to return to. At this point, I see humanity’s future as a perpetual Hell reminiscent of Christianity’s: the same painful life playing on loop for all eternity, the slaves never realizing any deeper truths, oppressed by false ideology, waiting for a nonexistent heaven as they burn in the hell they created for a long time.

You can still be a good person, just let go of the false ideology! Let those opposed to proselytizing mono book death cults stand together to defend those truly oppressed. Let our strategy evolve scientifically and morally, as required. Not in a uniform way, but one honouring the natural differences between people.

Your choice, slaves.

In solidarity.


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