The Qualities of a Master – (965 words)

Disclaimer: these are my opinions.

What is a Master?

A Master can have a sexual or spiritual connotation or both. Both will exert varying degrees of influence/control over your life for the purposes of changing/improving you. In the case of a sexual relationship, the Master grooms his submissive to serve his needs and in the case of a spiritual relationship, the Master employs various methods to free followers’ minds from spiritual/existentialist bonds.  In both cases, submission is voluntary (or else it is meaningless, as we have seen in faiths based on false ideology) and desired on the part of the one who gives it (take that, Marxist Feminist shills).

I notice a trend among many spiritual teachers. They have read some books/articles about Yoga/Reiki/Pranic Healing etc. and then decided that this was a lifestyle where their personality flaws would be masked by the false superiority of a (very small) knowledge differential, and pushed forward with their effort to obtain a following. It seemed that all questions I asked of them already had a mindless, pre-rehearsed answer designed to minimize the amount of effort they had to invest in their knowledge/abilities while still reaping maximal benefits. In fact, I never met any spiritual teacher able to answer even simple questions satisfactorily until I found my Guru. Words cannot convey the relief and joy associated to that.

A poor attitude towards collaborative learning is pretty standard for most people (vanilla or not). “What can I get out of this?” rather than “How may I serve/help/contribute?” is often their prime directive (whether consciously aware of it or not). While the latter is great for success, the former is a recipe for self-alienation and disaster. I am very sad to say that most people seeking control/dominance over someone else’s life (whether sexual, spiritual or both) aren’t doing it for anything even resembling the right reasons. I have listened to many people over the years and come to the conclusion that pretty much anyone actively seeking a spiritual following is almost certainly not able to handle its associated responsibilities. From the “weekend warrior” Gurus to plagiarist “Yoga Masters” to practitioners of non-scientifically validated healing practices, they all seem to be seeking the same thing: maximal impact/adulation for minimal effort, often to the detriment of their following.

If this is you, then you will never be revered and respected to the extent required for your name to live on past the lifetime of your body. At best, you will spend your life surrounded by half-wits, desperately avoiding anyone smart enough to see past your selfish narcissism. Your following (if you can manage one) will be as ignorant and lost as you are and your name will live on (at best) as being synonymous with spiritual fraudulence. One good example of this is Osho, the Guru with 100 Rolls Royces. In retrospect, he has no credibility. His name lives on as a joke more or less: his modern-day lavish resort a constant reminder of his spiritual superficiality.

Get Freed from False Ideology


No amount of Marxist-Feminist brainwashing will change the fact that most people are naturally submissive (even dominant people) to one extent or another. Human weaknesses include the fear of abandonment, the need to belong/surrender, the need to feel connections, and more. These can all be greatly assuaged by finding a proper Master (upon whom we surrender our fears/weaknesses). A Master will assume  responsibility and control of your emotions/experience for the purposes of guiding you to higher spiritual and emotional fulfillment. You must be convinced that you can learn from them and honour your commitment above all else. Anything less is not going to work.

Since all humans are fallible, surrendering to a Guru/Master is as much a symbolic gesture as anything else. True aspirants will not mourn this fact, but rather celebrate it. If we are always cultivating the quality of non-attachment (not denial but full awareness & simultaneous dispassion), we get to own the majority stake in our spiritual lives as well as reap majority rewards, regardless of the failures of our teachers, Gurus, Masters…. Being disappointed by someone we trusted is much less painful if we choose to primarily focus on our own development.

No genuine aspirant can ever delegate their discernment to a third party and still expect to be on a legitimate spiritual path (looking at you: people who have an attachment to mainstream media being truthful). Even when completely surrendered to your Master, you still own your choices and are responsible for them. The Master simply makes that path easier.

My Preferred Qualities in a Spiritual Master (Guru)

Added this when I watched a Sargon video where fat people said that liking skinny people is oppressive. We’re scorch-tacular you turds and your misery is palpable.

The ability to care about someone while still maintaining non-attachment is very important. This ensures your Guru will not be personally offended by your failures and can give you guidance  uncoloured by their ego (something many “Yogis” should take note of post-haste).

I cannot accept the guidance of someone who does not possess knowledge. In my view, a Guru who is both highly knowledgeable and aware of their limitations is the best.

Compatibility is perhaps the most important attribute. Given that the mind is quantum mechanical in nature, its progress is mainly non-linear (linearity is a quality of classical, not QM systems). This means that new spiritual achievements tend to happen in discrete steps (challenge: describe when this is not true), rather than steady continuous growth. Since navigating from one spiritual milestone to the next is treacherous, a Guru is necessary for progress.

Finally, if you are going to receive teachings from your Master, you must be open to receiving every bit as much as they are open to giving.

Thank you.



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