Basic Logic (1134 Words)

The Potential both Exists and is Well-Defined ~ Love to Guruji


I was a tutor for 7 years. I learned at some point that lots of people can’t do basic logic. Not even:

All fish are blue
Jim is a fish

There is a logical conclusion to be drawn here. If you are logical, the answer comes so easily that it would seem illogical for anyone else to not see that too. However, that is the bias of ego projection: many people cannot intuit basic logic.

The logical conclusion (if it’s not obvious) is that Jim is blue. This is a basic first order deduction of logic. I estimate about 50% of people can get that on the first try.

Don’t believe me?

Well, science has the answer.

Understanding our World

I decided to post this after watching a video by Sargon of Akkad. He likened the “regressive left” to the brainwashed people from 1984 doing doublethink. He couldn’t understand how someone couldn’t understand their own logic fails. As a highly logical person, he can certainly understand their hypocrisy, but can’t relate to it. This is an effect known as projection: we tend to assume other peoples’ thought processes are a lot more similar our own than they actually are.

Illogical people can’t be reasoned with because they haven’t been taught to, nor had the chance to practice basic logic. When such people take up what can only be described as stupid causes, they are able to justify it because to do otherwise is not mentally possible. These SJW’s associate being a “good person” with “insert crap ideology/activism here” and thus not complying implies they are a “bad person”.

Sadly, illogical people won’t understand that argument either. 

A better strategy of approach is asking rigorous questions. You will have a groundswell of support: most people are reasonable. Remember: the (originally awesome) people who eventually turned into “regressive leftists” were only able to be subverted this way because they are kind people to begin with. Kindness can be abused, and be manipulated into foolishness, or being a sucker. This is a call to intelligent people to start asserting their logical dominance over imbeciles crying foul over nuttier than fruitcake reasons.


Below is the reddit opinion of my news story, where I called these very types “SJW’s and looking for a reason to be offended by anything they can find.”

not controversial

Why did I speak out? Because of people in positions of authority who are failing to use their full faculties, and awareness must be brought to this issue.

How did we even get to this point?

Understanding Ourselves

Aside from a few psychopaths, most people are naturally submissive and want to contribute to society (don’t believe me? See: the entirety of human civilization). Often, they develop other parts of their personalities, such as: kindness, helpfulness and intuition: noble qualities that don’t necessitate high discernment.

This is not a problem in itself and has its place, see Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras III.33-38.

It does however become problematic when such a person’s core existentialist hypotheses are both false and disprovable. At this point, people become personally offended possibly to the point of shock and ego trauma by FACTS. Again, not the worst thing that could happen but these same people turning around and blaming and attacking those speaking the truth?

I don’t think so.

I was fine before to just teach my volunteer class and quietly raise awareness about the cultural appropriation of yoga. But no, certain people decided I wasn’t “representative” enough. A local mediocre Yoga person (likely intimidated by me) stonewalled me and even went as far as to defame me publicly in a widely viewed post. She is behind the class getting cancelled. She spoke ill of me to God knows how many people, I hope she is ashamed. All this from a Yoga professional. Yoga teachers are supposed to be the best, smartest, most benevolent people in the world, not a weird creepy loser who censors me. I’m sorry but she doesn’t get to tell me how to be a Yogini, she does not represent Yoga.

I am now forced to speak on these issues.

Sadistic SJW’s

People are dangerous when two things mix:

  1. Lie-deology.
  2. Core existentialist hypothesis(es) hinging on blind adherence thereto.

Apart, these things are mostly benign, but infused together and into the elixir of social coherence makes for a dangerous cocktail.

For such afflicted, the experience of external objective truth can contradict the lie at the heart of their core ideology. When an existentialist hypothesis is so threatened, i.e. a person believing a lie (on a deep enough level) experiences a truth that directly contradicts it, the agent goes into shock. For continued  conscious coherence, either the quantum mind must be updated or the external objective must be subverted.  Many choose the latter, simply ignoring opposition.

“I can’t see it, it isn’t happening.”

Really Interesting Stuff

I’m Done With Dumbness

Some commenter teacher on a website criticized me because my Guru “believes in astrology” and then tried to discredit me based on my scientific theories. This is just silly, and not befitting of a teacher (any teacher).

#1, from a cultural standpoint, this is completely inconceivable… Among many others, reading astrocharts is part of the Purna Ayurveda tradition. This immature person reminds me of the people who close their eyes and shake their heads when someone suggests Yoga is cultural appropriation.

#2, at the very least, we are affected by the Moon by a little something I like to call Gravity.

I wouldn’t care but this is a TEACHER saying this… Come on.

Using ideology, psychopaths have been able to take advantage of majority conformism, making many into zombies in the psychic war.

“… patriarchy is the root of all problems…”

“… let’s censor an experienced teacher because she is white…”

“…….braaaaains…. braaaaaaaains!” *drools*

I call them victims of the psychic war. You can’t reason with them. Their continued conscious coherence is predicated on their environment reflecting their egotistical beliefs… And woe betide you if you don’t play along with their fantasy!

You’re not crazy/stupid, so why let these people speak for you?

People are afraid of their natural submissiveness. They hide in ego and under the skirts of ideologies reacting protectively when any evidence contradicts their suppositions.

Wouldn’t things be better if we focused on demonstrable facts and logic and all embraced responsibility for our personal emotions and opinions? Western society is currently going in the opposite direction: we allow policy to be swayed by emotionally charged and logically vacuous arguments. Many people strike me as conformist in this matter: afraid to speak out against obvious abuses of logic and reason.

The time to speak is now.

The time to act is now.

Stop acting like it’s a choice between 1984 and Brave New World.


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