Mind as Quantum Computer (218 Words)

Me every time I have to debunk “The Singularity”


The mind is a projection of the body: a quantum mechanical projection. It is written that we are “beings of light” but this is hard for most people to believe. It is technically true if we consider the “micro” light intrinsic to chemical reactions. Our body must access this chemical potential in order to live. All bodily reactions result from chemical or electric potential difference and thus who we are is at least partially mediated by photonic exchange. The question is: in what ways is this “wet, warm & noisy” projection photon mediated?

We can see from experiment that the observed frequency is up to twice as high in some  meditators, suggesting the projection is twice as clear (as it’s projected 2x as frequently). Obviously the competing hypothesis: that the meditator is “thinking twice as fast” as a non meditator is too easily falsified by the testimony of a meditator.

I just made a video to demonstrate the QM hypothesis: the frequencies I generated interfered directly with mine. I don’t know if it works on people without a fully formed ego. I welcome feedback. And techno remixes (nothing that sounds like a mosquito getting tortured please).

Thanks to Stuart Hameroff for all of his work in this domain.


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