Yoga and Feminism (875 Words)


Update 2016-05-14

My Guru has posted an article which I invite you to read. Here is a salient quote:

As another example, while the system of Hatha-Yoga today has been possessed by females en-masse and used as a form of social-exercise for the elite of society as well as a point of conversations of snobbery in country clubs – the original heirs to this system are the fearful warrior-people, the Gurkhas of Nepal, whose aggressive and rajasic natures, dress and such as military-people employing such originally (developed) as a part of their flexibility and agility regimes for martial-arts and military traditions fall short of these modern female avatars that also hide behind the sphere of feminism to support their stronghold on asana, but have no historical strength to fight it beyond these ‘Social Justice’ regimes; such women are not military personnel, nor even could be, beyond swatting the fly in their Yoga class at best – catching even a mouse would have them on “desk-asanas“, fearing for their lives – and here you’d hear no mantra of these brave “feminists” and their Asana-yoga over their high-pitched screams due to an animal smaller than their hand! Brave indeed and “warrior-pose”, indeed, ladies!


Modern Feminism = Controversial

Although great in theory, modern day, or third-wave feminism is increasingly unpopular. I think we can safely say that this is not due to misogyny, but rather because its third-wave ideology is so flawed that increasingly many struggle to grasp its merits.

Yoga = Not Controversial

The scrutiny that I fell under during my stint in the media was a learning opportunity: the vast majority of people support me teaching a free “Introduction to Beginner’s Yoga” class. I also learned that most people do not support censorship of that which cannot be  categorically demonstrated hate speech.

But what about the people who saw the censorship of my class as a good thing? What is their problem? Well, let’s take a look at the evidence.

Who Lauded the Cancellation of My Yoga Class?

When my story went viral in November, I took up the charge to represent my love: Yoga. For the most part, reporters were total sweeties to me…With the exception of one, whose coverage of the event can be found here. This blog post was lauded by some (less than intelligent people) as the “debunking” of my yoga story. His post concludes that “my class was canceled due to low attendance”, therefore: stuff.

My “Poorly Attended Class”, Fall 2014

This dishonest reporting is truly pathetic considering I actually took the time to explain to this person that the only reason attendance was zero in Fall of 2015 was because the (ideologically brainwashed) students refused to promote it. Why then, was he willing to misrepresent the facts of the story?

Could it be that his ideology is so desperate to find facts to suit its narrative that he is willing to attempt character assassination on me as a means to distort the facts of the story to match his belief? How can anyone justify sacrificing a practitioner of Yoga on the altar of (false) ideology, much less another “practitioner of Yoga”?

We emailed back and forth many times, culminating in a one hour long phone conversation that ended with me breaking down crying. He was pushing me to say that I am not qualified to teach because of “intersectionality” (still coming up as a spelling error). I challenged him: “if a more knowledgeable teacher can be found, I will gladly step aside: this is not about race.” It didn’t matter: he had his mind made up about me long before we started communicating. “I’m white, I should stay out of the discussion.” Since then, I have had the chance to speak with other self-identified feminists, one an asian woman who directed me to a “white yoga teacher” with whom I could discuss these “important issues”. I have offered several times to speak to this white woman and she has not yet found the time. I wonder why? Maybe it’s the same reason as this.

What I worry about these “intersectional feminists” is that they don’t seem to be able to do anything but malign and censor opposition. This is not the yogic way, these approaches are categorically incompatible.

This, combined with a quote from a recent interviewer: “Have I found one of the only yoga enthusiasts/instructors in the western world who isn’t a radical feminist???” and the fact that the inexperienced teacher who replaced me at Ottawa U has a minor in women’s studies concerns me deeply.

Is Your Yoga Teacher a Fraud?

Given the massive cognitive bias and rampant hatred tolerated (sometimes even lauded) by several influential modern day feminists, I (and you should) question the authenticity of a Yoga teacher who identifies as a third wave feminist.

Third wave feminism has brought us such failures as:

  1. The Patriarchy. Not only a gross oversimplification and strawman, but also a violation of Dharma, the one true social structure. One cannot be a Yogi(ni) and also support the belief in existence of a “patriarchy”: the path of Yoga begets only truth. One cannot live in truth and also engender false attachment.
  2. If you’re trying to convey a movement of hope and peace, you’re going about it the wrong way.
  3. Google it for 2 seconds.

My complaint about many ideological zealots is that they seem to whine 24/7 about social problems yet offer no viable solution. In so doing, they only manage to create additional problems. Just like you cannot buy your way from debt, you cannot use the same entity (ideological hate machine) to solve a problem that entity created.

And in light of such awesome people as Milo Yannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad and others, righteous anger towards spoiled brats running the show has proven powerful enough to shift general social attitudes. Phoneys hiding in plain sight behind ideology are warned to take a look at their core hypotheses of ego. Are you working for the greater good, or just your own?

If it’s not making you happy, it’s not Yoga

I am not a hater. I am pleased to report together we will work to bring feminism back to having a definition we can all support and be proud of: one based on logic and facts. Let us work towards a world where feminism is as uncontroversial as yoga.

Thank you


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