Why the cancellation of my class struck a nerve with Canadians and worldwide (489 words)

Hello. If you would like insight as to why the cancelation of my free accessible yoga class outraged so many people, I have made a video for you.

me in an airport

Getting Bullied Sucks

I am totally Canadian.

I grew up in a primarily French suburb of Montreal (Rosemère). I didn’t know how to speak French, so I had to learn in school. I don’t need to tell you: I got bullied a lot. I took special classes to learn French (“t’es cave!”) and until grade 3, didn’t speak the language fluently (“tête carré!”).

Once I learned French, I fit in: my accent sounded like theirs, I started to make some friends: I finally felt like not a total loser. Those were some good times.

When I turned 11, my dad moved our family to Belleville, Ontario. I decided to attend English school in grade 7. I didn’t anticipate being an outcast all over again, but I was! “frog!” “frenchie!” “scharfy!”

Amidst the controvery, I won the lead role in the play: I got to be the princess 🙂

Of course the whole experience was tainted by the jealousy of some of the other girls: why was I (an outsider) the princess? Surely they deserved it more than me! I got bullied a lot – I still remember pulling “spitballs” (chewed up paper balls) out of my hair after the bus ride home.

It probably also goes without saying that my love of physics/math didn’t propel me to new heights of popularity either.

In short: I’ve been getting bullied my whole life. I have learned that self-advocacy is absolutely necessary to maintain psychic health in this culture.

Being a Bully Sucks

In the end I don’t resent anyone who pushed me around or bullied me. I am sure they were hurting far worse than I was. But this experience gave me a unique opportunity. It gave me a chance to be a voice for so many others that feel downtrodden, used and generally hurt by thug/bully types.

Many sensible, reasonable people have voiced similar concerns to me. Why do low-karma types (thug/bully/ignorant) have so much sway over how high karma (sensitive/intelligent/compassionate) types experience their lives?

The shared mourning of the loss of my class reverberates more deeply than one single instance of injustice. I hypothesize that most of us have felt my pain on more than one occasion: trying to do the right thing and getting stonewalled by petty, ignorant thugs.

People have asked me how I feel about this whole experience, and I tell them: I feel amazing! How lonely I have felt all these years, eager to serve and share knowledge with my community: now I have a voice. Your reactions to this story inspire me: you give me strength to continue on: both with my yoga journey and serving humanity. Most of us are not bullies, and we must not become the sorts that tolerate them.

thank you


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